Bust Acne with Tea Tree Oil

Are you someone who seems to battle acne constantly? Have you tried using every over-the-counter solution under the sun….but either end up with dry, flaky skin, or a breakout that looks worse than it did before you started treatment? Well, we would like to suggest to you trying one more thing….Tea Tree Oil!

Actually, all of the things you have heard that cause acne, probably don’t. So, it is probably safe to indulge in chocolate and french fries every now and then 😉 According to researchers, genetics and hormones are the biggest factors in moderate-to-severe acne. Breakouts are at their worst when your hormones are at their whackiest. This is why teenagers seem to suffer the most. Too many raging hormones!

However, as we age (especially women), hormones still fluctuate causing adult acne among those who may have escaped from the condition as a teen. Not to mention other contributing factors like stress, medication, make-up and environment which can make a breakout worse.


There are lost of options for treating acne. A whole industry has sprung up around keeping your face free from blemishes. You have probably tried things that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Both of these compounds are effective at reducing the number and severity of the breakout. However, they both cause initial dryness and irritation.

Here is where tea tree oil and a simple cotton swab come in.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant which is indigenous to Australia. It has a fresh, medicinal, earthy aroma and contains over 98 compounds. One of these compounds, terpinen-4-ol is the major component responsible for killing bacteria and reducing inflammation. And this is why we call tea tree oil our own little ACNE BUSTER!! It kills any bacteria that is in or around the breakout and reduces the swelling. It is truly a one-two punch 🙂

Buy a bottle of Emmi’s Essentials Tea Tree Oil
 and apply neat (undiluted) via a cotton swab to each blemish twice a day. You should notice a significant improvement after the first day. If skin sensitivity occurs, the tea tree can be diluted via wetting the cotton swab first. But, it really is more effective if you can stand to apply the tea tree oil neat.Continuing the application twice a day over the course of a few days should clear up the blemish altogether.

We have had customers really rave about the results. See below for results some customers have witnessed.


canstockphoto15237335I’ve been having some acne problems for the past few months and no acne cleanser or skincare remedy seemed to work. I finally decided to order this Tea Tree oil and it is AMAZING. My acne started clearing up immediately! I also used it to make an all natural all purpose cleaner! Many of these home recipes/uses for tea tree oil only require a few drops. This little bottle goes a long way!  Ashley N.


canstockphoto15237335….my 14 year old granddaughter was living with us for about 6 months. She started using it on her acne. It is truly amazing the results that I’ve seen on her face. She won’t go to bed without it. As a matter of fact, she and her mother moved out this last weekend and I looked for the bottle last night, so I could use it. Guess What????
It’s gone. She took it with her as part of her daily routine she couldn’t live without it. I think that says a lot.  Phyllis J. Kennedy

You can find this DIY home remedy and many other uses for Tea Tree Oil in our Tea Tree Essentials: Uses for Australian Tea Tree Oil eBook available to you with the purchase of our 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil from Amazon.com.

Not only is tea tree oil a strong antimicrobial, it also works wonders on skin conditions such as toenail fungus, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, and dandruff.

It can also be used to make money-saving, all-natural cleaners to sanitize your kitchen and bathroom!

Really, every home should stock a bottle of tea tree oil in their medicine cabinet!

Quit using acne cleaners and treatments that dry out your face. Click the big green button below to start using the #1 natural acne solution, tea tree oil, today 🙂

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