7 Tea Tree Oil Uses for the Skin

Not sure about how to use tea tree oil (TTO)? Well, it is a pretty versatile plant. While there are a multitude of uses, from sanitizing surfaces in your home….to diffusing to help alleviate colds, here are our Top 7 Tea Tree Oil Uses for the Skin.


canstockphoto14165002Teenagers are not the only sufferers. 20% of adults have active acne. For acne: Moisten a cotton ball with water. Add one drop of tea tree oil to the cotton ball and apply to breakout.


Itchy and painful, this fungal infection thrives in warm, damp environments. Tea tree oil has antifungal properties. How to use:  Add 3 drops of TTO to a moist cotton ball and wipe mixture on the infection. Throw away the cotton ball and wash hands after treatment.


Don’t suffer from itchy bug bites. Before scratching, grab our TTO and add 3 drops to a moist cotton ball. Apply to bites. Swelling and itching will disappear.


A cut is infected when you see a red, feverish area surrounding the wound. This is where TTO really shines. Applying 3 drops to a moist cotton ball and then swabbing the infected area will kill the bacteria causing the inflammation and promote healing.


If you suffer from dandruff, it is TTO to the rescue once again. Just apply two drops into your shampoo, massage into your scalp and leave in for 3-4 four minutes prior to rinsing.


If you have baked in the sun too long, you may already know to moisturize with aloe vera. But, simply adding 2 drops of tea tree oil with about 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel will also help repair your skin.


Given time and perseverance, TTO can beat stubborn toenail fungus. How to use: trim your nail back. Apply 3-5 drops to a cotton ball undiluted. Apply to your nail, getting under the tip as well as on top of the nail. You will need to repeat this process 2-3 times a day.

Dispose of the cotton ball and thoroughly wash and dry your hands after contact with the infected nail to avoid the fungus from spreading to your fingernails.


What makes a superior tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is made up of about 100 different components. But there are two components that really make a superior oil.

The first component, terpinen-4-ol is responsible for killing bacteria and reducing inflammation. True Australian Tea Tree Oils must have a minimum of 35% of this compound. The higher the percentage the better. Anything above 40% is considered outstanding.

T1000x1000_tea_tree_oil_newhe second component worth mentioning is the level of 1,8-cineole present in the oil. Cineole can be irritating to skin if levels are above 15%. So, the lower the percentage of cineole, the better. Anything below 5% is considered outstanding.

Emmi’s Essentials tea tree  oil contains 42.6% terpinen 4-ol and 2.14% cineole levels.

Judging by the glowing reviews coming in from satisfied customers, this TTO works well. Here are just a few testimonials regarding the effectiveness of Emmi’s Essentials TTO on stubborn skin conditions.

Stephen L. was wowed by using our tea tree oil on toenail fungus:

Very high quality tea tree oil. I’ve been using another brand that costs almost as much, but with 1/2 the content (1 oz. bottle as compared to this 2 oz bottle). This stuff is amazing……….does the job on toenail fungus (but takes a couple of months to work) better than any other product I have tried.”

Phyllis J. Kennedy’s granddaughter had much success using our tea tree oil on acne:

….my 14 year old granddaughter was living with us for about 6 months. She started using it on her acne. It is truly amazing the results that I’ve seen on her face. She won’t go to bed without it. As a matter of fact, she and her mother moved out this last weekend and I looked for the bottle last night, so I could use it. Guess What????  It’s gone. She took it with her as part of her daily routine she couldn’t live without it. I think that says a lot.”

IMG_1065And finally, Michael had a case of foot fungus healed by our TTO:

I purchased a bottle of the Tea Tree Oil from Emmi’s Essentials to treat a recurring foot fungus. I put a drop or two on a cotton ball and applied it to the infected area twice a day; the fungus was dried up in 5 days. This was half the time of the crème that I received from my doctor. I was skeptical but it works, and it is cheaper than the prescription from the doctor. Great product.”

Emmi’s Essentials TTO is sold in a 2 oz. and 10 ml size in dark amber bottles to keep out
destructive UV rays. Each bottle comes with a built-in, self-dispensing dropper to heal one drop of healing aromatherapy at a time.

Also included with every purchase is the Tea Tree Essentials: Uses for Australian Tea Tree Oil eBook. The eBook is delivered to your inbox shortly following your purchase.

Tea tree oil is a must-have product for your household. Try it for that pesky skin ailment that is bugging you today. You will absolutely love it.