How To Make Kitchen Sanitizer with Tea Tree Oil Video

Recent studies have shown that a kitchen harbors more germs than a bathroom. To clean and sanitize kitchen surfaces, Emmi’s Essentials suggests creating a tea tree essential oil and vinegar solution to spray on germ-laden surfaces.

A normal kitchen sponge can contain 200,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.  Just think of all the places in a kitchen teaming with germs. Counter tops, trash cans, faucet handles, door and drawer handles, even inside the fridge.  And with flu season approaching, this solution can be used to sanitize bathrooms as well.

Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial and antifungal that can eradicate these germs by concocting a simple spray to be used on kitchen surfaces.  Our tea tree oil is 100% pure essential oil from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant indigenous to Australia.  We tout a 42.6% terpinen 4-ol level.  That means we have a high percentage of the active ingredient that kills bacteria.

To make the solution, a clean spray bottle, white vinegar, and tea tree oil are the only elements needed.  The solution is eco-friendly and cheap to make.  White vinegar can be found in grocery or a local retail store.

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