3 Tips for Keeping Your Workout Shoes Fungus Free

canstockphoto14164687As you lace up your workout shoes and head out to the gym or for a run, remember this….the inside of your shoes are the perfect incubators for fungus. If you are someone who works out everyday, all it takes is a tiny bit of trauma or pressure to your toes that can injure your nail and allow the fungal spores into the nail bed. And that, my friends, is how a toenail fungus infection begins. Or, sometimes, the skin of the foot becomes infected first, and that causes athlete’s foot. Neither condition is something you want to contract.

Three basic ingredients cause your shoes to become the perfect breeding ground for fungus.

  1. They are moist.
  2. They are warm.
  3. And they are dark.

The organism that creates fungal infections basically is hanging out dormant in your shoes waiting for you to create the perfect environment for it to grow. And anyone that has gotten a nasty case of toenail fungus or athlete’s foot knows it is stubborn and hard to get rid of. This is where Tea Tree Oil (TTO) can help you, both in eliminating the fungus in your workout shoes. AND, by treating your nails and skin if you do become infected with a fungus. But in this article, we are tackling prevention.

We suggest three strategies for controlling the fungus that lives in your shoes.

  1. You can buy a shoe sanitizer like they use in bowling alleys or spray them with Lysol or Odor Eaters. The downside of this tactic would be all of the chemicals these types of sprays contain.
  2. Use an ultraviolet light sanitizer. Ultraviolet light kills fungus effectively and is a great idea except for one thing. Price. These can cost anywhere from $50-$200.
  3. Use a DIY tea tree oil spray. Tea tree oil is nature’s #1 antifungal. Study after study shows that a component of tea tree oil, terpinen 4-ol, is the ingredient that kills the cell structure of the fungal organisms. The higher the level of the terpinen 4-ol in a tea tree oil, the better it works at killing fungus.  Many readily available tea tree oils on the internet and in drug stores contain around 35% terpinen 4-ol levels. But our TTO has a terpinen 4-ol level of 42.6% and is highly effective at getting rid of fungus. So, here is the third option we suggest at killing fungus in your workout shoes.



  1. Grab our 16 oz. Emmi’s Essentials Glass Spray Bottle.
  2. Fill this with one cup of distilled water.
  3. To this, add 20 drops of tea tree oil.
  4. Shake well and spray inside your shoes.
  5. Let your shoes dry completely before wearing them!

Want to hear what others are saying about Emmi’s Essential TTO? Here are just a few comments:

“Very high quality tea tree oil. I’ve been using another brand that costs almost as much, but with 1/2 the content (1 oz. bottle as compared to this 2 oz bottle). This stuff is amazing……….does the job on toenail fungus (but takes a couple of months to work) better than any other product I have tried…”
by Stephen

“I have been trying to get rid of a toe fungus for many years. It’s just awful and nothing seems to work. The Tea Tree Oil seems to be affecting the area more aggressively than any thing else I’ve tried.”
by Donna

“just placed a re-order! Battling with nail fungus issues for years – yep – I said it out loud…(ALWAYS wear flip flops in the gym locker room folks!!) while I believe medications finally kicked in and interrupted the fungus to some extent, it’s the tea tree oil that is adding a another layer of defense and repair to the nails themselves. It soaks in better than anything I’ve every tried before and I could see a change to the color of my toenails with a few days.”
by Steve

“I purchased this product because I have been dealing with toenail fungus for several years and have tried pretty much everything, including most of the products sold on Amazon. I have even tried holistic remedies like apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. The tea tree oil made a fairly immediate difference. The discoloration on my tails disappeared instantly. I cannot say that I am completely cured yet because my nail has to grow out and that takes time, but I can say that it appears that I have finally found something that has worked. My fingers are crossed!”
by D.

“I was told by my doctor the at I have toenail fungus. She prescribed a medication that was quite expensive, and I understand I would have to renew it several times before I saw any results. My husband did some research online and he discovered Australian Tree Oil and it is good for this condition. I was a little skeptical at first, but went ahead and ordered it. I couldn’t be happier with the results. My toenail looked much better within a week! I would highly recommend this item.”
by Sue

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