Lemon Essential Oil ~ (citris limon) ~ 10 ml

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  • AROMATHERAPY ~ Refreshing, cheerful, citrus aroma helps relieve mental fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, and nervousness. Add to Emmi’s Essentials Aroma Diffuser to lift your spirits and brighten your mood or increase concentration and alertness.
  • HEALING PROPERTIES ~ Natural astringent and antiseptic. Works well in a face wash to improve your complexion with rejuvenating properties that can brighten dull skin. Mix with shampoo to get strong, shiny, and healthy hair and reduce dandruff.
  • LIMITLESS HOUSEHOLD USES ~ Add a ray of sunshine to all-natural, money-saving DIY cleaners to sanitize kitchens and bathrooms without harmful chemicals. Lemon oil is amazing at cutting through grease and grime.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY ~ 100% Pure ~ No Additives, Fillers, Bases, or Carriers. ~ Sourced in Brazil and bottled in the USA. Our dark, amber glass bottle keeps your oil fresh by minimizing damaging UV rays. The built-in dropper dispenses one drop at a time.
  • ★ORDER NOW★ risk-free with our “LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK” Guarantee. No catches.

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Clean, Fresh Aroma Packs a Powerful Punch

When you open Emmi’s Essentials Lemon Oil, the aroma is immediately energizing. Taking in a big whiff can really brighten your day!

A very versatile fruit, lemons are native to Asia and have a long, varied history of uses.

ANTISEPTIC: Works amazingly well added to all-purpose, DIY cleaners for the home. Used in coordination with vinegar and water, will make windows shine without streaks.

NATURAL ASTRINGENT: Used in a face wash or face mask, Lemon Oil can help minimize oily skin.

INVIGORATING: Diffusing Lemon Oil can increase concentration and mental alertness.

BUY TODAY: We are so confident you will love our oil that we offer it to you with a risk-free, no questions asked, 100% “Love it or Your Money Back” guarantee.

So, order now. And when you do, consider ordering two….one to keep, and one to give to a friend who wishes she had a bottle 🙂